Sarah_KongSarah Kong is an industrial design creative from New Zealand.

Sarah holds a Masters Degree specialising in Industrial Design, with a merit endorsement. Most recently, Sarah was a contestant on The Block NZ: Villa Wars- project managing and renovating an entire house in 10 weeks with her sister, Minanne.

Sarah strives to provide both functionality and a unique user-experience through design. Sarah has an excellent work ethic and outgoing personality. Sarah has  the versatility to be both a team player and to lead.

Sarah is a quick learner with a keen eye for detail, she has a great love for physical prototyping, utilising a mix of digital and analogue prototyping techniques in her design process.

Sarah was born in Hamilton, New Zealand and is of Chinese origin. She is fluent in written and spoken English (native), and also speaks Cantonese (conversational) and Mandarin (basic.)

Key Skills and Qualities

Extensive experience with 3D digital modelling (Solidworks) and 3D printing
A keen eye for detailing, and a love of physical prototyping.
Excellent work ethic, time management, communication and organisation skills.
Broad and in-depth knowledge of other digital design programs including:

+ Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign
+ PhotoWorks and KeyShot Rendering
+ UP Rapid Prototyping
+ Microsoft Office Suite
+ Rhino + Grasshopper (working knowledge)

Other skills including Product Photography, Laser Cutting
A passion for ensuring client satisfaction and exceptional end user experience.

Sarah has a great love for alternative photography and analogue cameras and enjoys spending her spare time with various cameras and experimenting with photographic processes.