• Imprimōtype

    (2014) Imprimōtype is the output of my Masters' thesis. The ‘Imprimōtype,’ (Literally meaning ‘print type’) a sacrificial camera that provides an alternate experience of photography rich in physical tangibility, tactility, anticipation, reward and emotional connection to the resulting photograph that comes only with temporal investment and connection in the photographic process. The concept came about as a critical response to digital photography. This thesis took an in depth look at the transition of photography from analogue to digital, and the impact of this transition on the culture of photography. This design-led research explored the boundaries between digital and analogue photographic processes to offer an alternate experience of photography by tangibly re-evaluating the relationship between the camera and the photograph. Though not a 'commercially viable' idea at present, Imprimōtype investigates the ability to influence and manipulate user experiences in a positive light through poetic insight and conceptual thinking.