(2014) Imprimōtype is the output of my Masters’ thesis. The ‘Imprimōtype,’ (Literally meaning ‘print type’) a sacrificial camera that provides an alternate experience of photography rich in physical tangibility, tactility, anticipation, reward and emotional connection to ...


(2013) The Concavity Series is a project that utilises the Rhino plug-in ‘Grasshopper’ to create beautiful, fluid concave forms which parametrically adjust to become any type of concave form for the consumer’s need. The forms ...


(2013) An exploration of a convergence between the digital and analogue additive manufacture to create three-dimentional form


(2011) Piegarsi was originally designed as an exhibition system featuring a leg which supports a surface both horizontally, and vertically; allowing for the display of full size models and smaller, elevated scale models. However, Piegarsi also happens to make for lovely home furniture!


(2015) A series of custom designed privacy screens to maximise the flow of natural light yet provide privacy for The Block NZ’s House 2.  Water Jet Cut from Eterpan by Pacific Build Supply


(2012) Capture is a design driven investigation challanging T. W.Allan Whitfield's theory that an object needs to be 'familiar' in order to be easy to use. The capture pinhole investigates whether an object can be 'unfamiliar' yet also retain an ease of use through an interaction thathas been user tested to depicts 'capturing' of light.


(2012) An dynamic model that was the outcome of initial experimentation with Muscle Wire, an alloy that shrinks when a current is pumped through it.


(2011) Snapture is a concept camera which seeks to explore materiality and the tactile relationship between an object and its user. Snapture was inspired by vintage cameras with lenses which required precision and expertise to control, I was especially interested in the tactile nature of different materials- and wanted to create a product which invited you to touch and interact with it.


(2010) Chaise is a lounging chair which offers privacy and a sense of serenity and peace, and invites the user to take time out of their busy day to become 'lost' in comfort. This chaise longue is created from steam bent New Zealand Rimu veneer. You can see Chaise Longue featured on: Muuuz, Journal Du Design and AA13

The Block NZ

(2015) A 10 week challenge to completely demolish and renovate a 110 year old villa. A test project management, reactive problem solving, stamina and determination Photos from TV3 by Hollow Creative and Baileys Real Estate